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Have you ever heard of Marketing Automation?

Surely it seems like a distant term you do not need to know. But if you are a fan of the Inbound methodology, you likely use this tool daily to carry out multiple successful marketing campaigns and generate the desired sales.

As you know, we live in a faster world every day. And if you are a marketer, your pace of life acquires an impressive speed because you often become an octopus behind the laptop, creating strategies, writing articles, reading blogs, and much more.

But, when it comes to carrying out many actions simultaneously, Marketing Automation comes to life. It is that as Wikipedia defines it: “it is the process through which, through different platforms or software, it is possible to automate the different phases of marketing that make up the completion of the sale of a product or service from a certain company.

Hubspot also explains that Marketing Automation or Marketing Automation was born with “the purpose of leading your potential customers on a guided journey through the sales funnel until they become spokespersons and faithful ambassadors of your brand.”

In fact, 37% of B2B companies use Marketing Automation to generate new leads, according to Marketing Profs.

This means that by using specialized software, you can perform the various actions that your organization systematically contemplates within the Sales Funnel, improving each activity’s processes and effectiveness.

According to Adestra, 74% of the companies that use Marketing Automation for their strategies and campaigns admit that the main advantage of this powerful tool is the ability to optimize time.

In addition, 68% of Marketing Agencies indicated that another benefit was the engagement that was generated through this platform with customers. There are certainly two important reasons why you should start using this new system for all your processes related to marketing today.

We invite you to continue learning more about the benefits that this tool has for your Inbound Marketing campaigns and strategies:

What are the benefits of Marketing Automation ?

The central value of Marketing Automation Marketing lies in the fact that it has the potential to impact both the revenue volumes of companies and the results in terms of profitability.”

It is then the use of a tool that helps to generate excellent results for all types of companies (large and small). And it even allows time optimization, efficiently managing each of the steps within the funnel in a personalized and fast way.

In addition, Marketing Automation accompanies your leads in each part of the Sales Funnel. That is, from the moment of attraction to the decision-making, and the good thing is that you can follow their behavior and create special filters to help them advance to the end.

1) Enriches the Sales Process.

This is the number one benefit because, for you, the sales process can probably become cumbersome and annoying many times. However, through Marketing Automation, you can acquire more detailed information about your leads and potential customers to create a space for communication with them, where you can attend to them directly.

This type of tool allows you to establish Lead Nurturing or Lead Nutrition. For example, once the lead subscribes to the newsletter, you can send personalized messages automatically and thus begin to engage in dialogue to connect with your audience without delays.

On the other hand, you can compose the Lead Scoring or the Qualification of Leads, where you evaluate at what stage of the Sales Funnel the lead so that you accompany the user until the entire process is completed and the sale is finalized.

2) Segment the target Customer.

Yes, as we explained in benefit number 1, Marketing Automation helps you solve the constant intrigue about your target audience; thus, by unveiling the mystery, you can know at what stage it is and how you direct it to the final point so that it approaches you, knows you and decides to make the purchase.

There is no need to manually separate each lead that arrives because, through automation software, you receive the essential data to classify and segment each user automatically. Also, you prepare those who are not yet ready to decide and need more time to get to know you.

Without a doubt, you receive as an advantage the ability to make your Buyer Persona with each campaign, strategy, and content.

3) Reduce costs.

This is the phrase most dreamed of by any marketer! Because let’s be honest; we know that in marketing, any error is very expensive; that’s why Marketing Automation helps you reduce the margin of error as much as possible and, with it, the expenses that this entails.

Nucleus Research indicates that Marketing Automation can lead to a 14.5% increase in sales production and reduce up to 12.2% overhead costs of other marketing processes.

Therefore, your budget can be managed practically and effectively. Giving maximum use to each of the resources you have in your marketing and sales team.

4) Project your Image on Multiple Channels

This is fantastic for you because by using Marketing Automation, you can market your image in real time through each social network and communication medium. Again, here you save time and money.

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Each campaign is managed in all the media you want, and where of course, your Buyer Persona interacts more frequently. In addition, with this, you give your brand or product greater visibility so that those who know you keep you in mind and those who do not dare to click to find out more.

5) Monitor and track every action.

And if you do not constantly evaluate what is happening with your activities, the result can be fatal.

For this reason, Marketing Automation allows you to carefully review the actions carried out by your leads with each content, campaign, graphic piece, and landing page, among other resources that you use to attract them.

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You can obtain detailed statistics and graphs on the interactions of your audience, which translate into the improvements you must make to meet or exceed your marketing goals.

Do you see how useful it can be for you to apply Marketing Automation in your strategies?

Marketing Automation Tools

How does Marketing Automation work in your Inbound Marketing campaigns?

As you read it, your product or brand exists to make life easier for a group of people. Sure, we’d love to think that everyone needs what you offer. But the reality is that you will forget your focus if you think and work this way.

By this, we mean that you do not create exaggerated illusions and do a superhuman job to please the entire planet.

On the contrary, make an effort to get to know the tastes and needs of that fictitious character, and at the same time, make it so real that is your Buyer Persona.

It is worth giving him personality and human characteristics and creating a specific description of the challenges he faces and the goals he wants to achieve. Taking this information, you can develop very valuable content that responds to the concerns or situations that your target customer is experiencing.

Consequently, if you know your Buyer Persona, the success of Marketing Automation with your strategy will be indisputable. Because your Sales Funnel will have a defined orientation and some steps to follow that will provide you with the optimization and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

But, you cannot ask a software that, despite doing everything so well, to be the promoter and creator of perfect strategies. It is you who builds and consolidates each process. Therefore, you must work with your Inbound Marketing to obtain the results and the connection with your audience.

Marketing Artificial Inteligence Robot

Your Messages Should Not Be Robotic

We are talking about real people with dreams, goals, fears, and needs. Why turn an encouraging or inspiring message into just another ordinary speech?

And believe it or not, your Buyer Personas notice immediately when you send threads with the same bland and boring messages. 

Therefore, if you create systematic messages through Marketing Automation, the idea is that you make the most of this tool’s advantage to personalize the content and get closer to your audience.

You have many channels to send valuable content designed for your Buyer Persona. Don’t forget it, and don’t focus on something else! Because otherwise, the only thing you will achieve is losses.

Think that Marketing Automation is like Samantha in Her, that disturbing and attractive operating system that responds to doubts and problems and gives solutions to its users; it is only possible through the heart and soul you give it with your marketing strategy. Inbound Marketing.

Remember that behind every successful campaign, there are humans capable of making it possible!

What are the best Marketing Automation tools?

We understand that you are anxious to know the best platforms to execute Marketing Automation in the best possible way. Still, before continuing, it is good that you take these observations into account so that you make a decision and invest wisely.

Once you consider all the details we listed above to choose the best platform, it is time for you to learn 5 Marketing Automation tools.

Marketing Automation Tools in Finland

In 2005 it was born to stay and promote Inbound Marketing in a great way.

software Inbound Marketing is ideal for helping your company attract visitors, convert them into leads, and finally into customers. In addition, it includes all the necessary tools to bring your strategy to life.

Without a doubt, Hubspot is number 1 for being one of the friendliest and easiest platforms for all marketing companies. Its advantages are very wide; it is a complete and unmatched market platform.

The benefits are: integrating email marketing with your website, SEO, marketing automation, landing pages, data analysis, social networks, and blogging. Another advantage is that you can generate automated workflows following your goals.

Hubspot helps you grow your contact list, track every sales opportunity, segment your audience, and establish categories. Finally, it goes beyond email marketing and sends targeted emails, monitoring contacts, and their actions.

The good thing is that this platform works for the sales and marketing teams. Thus, it allows them to work on each campaign, data, or strategy constantly.

Price: USD 200 per month.

Marketing Automation specialist in Helsinki

This platform has become very successful and renowned recently for its simplicity and effectiveness.

The characteristics for which Marketo stands out are the management and acquisition of potential clients; personalized email deliveries; creation of landing pages; web forms; mobile marketing; events; webinar; among others.

This tool is excellent for Marketing Automation because it allows you to minimize tasks, systematizing each process and making it more efficient. Therefore, the time and money invested using it are essential to obtain campaign results.

Another advantage of this software is that it offers super personalized customer service, and you can even receive advice in your own language. 

Price: USD 1,195 per month

Marketing Automation Tool

It is part of the Oracle company and is characterized by being a super modern and easy-to-use tool. Although in its beginnings, it was not seen in this way, the company did everything to give the platform a turn and a phenomenal change.

Its benefits are segmenting the target audience, attracting your Buyer Persona, content marketing management, review of Inbound Marketing, development of campaigns on social networks, lead qualification, and metric analysis, among other functions. Plus, it integrates with over 100 essential marketing tools.

You can run automated marketing campaigns, offering personalized experiences to your customers and followers.

The good thing about Eloqua is that it offers many solutions. It also provides correct answers to any questions about the review of all the processes and stages that are carried out.

Price USD: 2,000 per month

Works as a Marketing Automation platform and is well known by small marketing companies, who invest in it and trust its performance.

It is known as an all-in-one tool. This is because it integrates with different applications to manage each of your campaigns with defined processes.

You can create and execute various marketing strategies, set up interactions with customers and leads, capture new prospects, analyze the stages of the Sales Funnel, and systematically manufacture email marketing.

Price: USD 199 per month.


This platform is not for Marketing Automation as such, but it is an excellent page to compare the different specialized tools for this purpose.

You can evaluate prices, quality, and descriptions of other clients to evaluate which of all the platforms fits your needs, budget, and interests.

More Action and Less Blah, Blah, Blah

Sure, Marketing Automation makes your life incredibly easy. After this tour, you can see its benefits, functions, and how it nurtures your sales and marketing team.

But, we cannot conclude without first talking a little about the keys so that automation generates the fruits you expect.

Evaluation of the entire sales process: Yes, with this type of platform, you can monitor all the processes of the Sales Funnel that the client will experience through your Inbound Marketing strategy.

Then dedicate yourself to reviewing step by step. Do not leave anything lightly because you can make mistakes that may cost a lot in terms of money and time.

Think about your Buyer Persona, channel the content, and evaluate your Sales Funnel and how the Buyer Persona will move through it. In addition, you allow some contacts to mature around their purchase decision. And it also helps you understand the next steps you can take to improve the strategy.

Always Find Solutions

Because that’s why Marketing Automation exists, to give you effective solutions. It is your number one ally in understanding what works in each campaign.

By receiving the metrics and data of all the strategies, you will be able to capture any solution that you consider relevant to a possible error.

The logical thing is to follow up on all the processes carried out, thus allowing your communication channels to be effective and have the power to generate leads, turning them into satisfied and delighted customers.

Integration is your Best Friend

Yes, because, with a good platform, you can integrate the applications you need to make your ideas and campaigns effective.

With these benefits, you will discover that Marketing Automation will help you increase sales to an amazing point, allowing you to optimize and improve your customers’ conversions.

Conclusion: Marketing Automation is an Excellent Solution.

In short, you will be able to improve each of the processes that are carried out in each of your departments with Marketing Automation, which is why this type of tool can make your life so much easier in terms of working on strategies and meeting objectives.

Surely you are convinced that by using this type of platform, you will be able to reach much higher projections with your audience and your brand’s positioning. Also, it is good that you keep in mind that you can qualify new and better leads for your brand with Marketing Automation.


As long as you are the leader who always takes the lead. Because although automation can reduce costs and time, if you don’t review and analyze the results, you can lose a lot of work done.

To maximize and take advantage of your budget, you must continuously monitor your actions and those of your clients or leads. To formulate successful campaigns, it is necessary to have a great desire to be different and to work hard to achieve the objectives set.

Never forget that the key to this type of tool is in the tangibility of your content and what you offer. Do not think that you will eliminate the essence of your brand and content marketing by paying for software to make the marketing and sales process more sophisticated.

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