How much does a digital marketing service cost?

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A digital marketing agency can help create a plan or strategy for those businesses interested in generating business opportunities through the internet.

However, it must be borne in mind that a comprehensive digital marketing plan will always have a higher price than hiring more specific individual services.

The prices of digital marketing plans usually range between €300 and €2,500 per month, although on average digital marketing services cost around €600 per month.
In fact, it is possible to find rates from €150 to €2,000 per month. Given the variability of prices, it is best to request quotes from online marketing agencies.

How much does a marketing agency cost?

You have to think that each company usually pursues certain objectives (increase sales, improve the online positioning or reputation of a brand, attract new customers, etc.), and to achieve them it may be necessary to carry out certain actions, which are not to always match.
The conclusion that can be drawn from all this is that the budget for a digital marketing service will depend on the characteristics of each business and the specific services that you need to hire.

How much does marketing agency cost

How much does a digital marketing agency charge?

If you want to have a ton of followers on Instagram, you need to post high-quality content ALL the time. You can’t just post once every two weeks. You need to release new high-resolution content. I recommend, to start with, doing it once or twice a day (every day), but eventually, you should be able to reach up to four posts per day.

What services can a digital marketing agency offer?

Many agencies offer global digital marketing strategies, which encompass different types of service depending on what is needed in each case.

Some of the services that digital marketing plans usually include are web positioning and optimization services, SEM campaigns, social network management, design and sending of newsletters, web design, data analysis to check the evolution, etc.
In any case, the services of digital marketing agencies can also be requested individually or on a one-off basis in many cases.

And it is important to note that each digital marketing agency may have its own service offering. Therefore, it is possible that sometimes more specific services are offered and also that the offer is broader, including issues such as website migrations, decriminalization, protection against negative SEO, etc.


Type of service


SEO positioning

€100/month – €2,000/month

Online advertising

€100/month – €650/month

Social media management

€100/month – €2,000/month

Email marketing

€100 /month – €400/month

Web design

€800 – €9,500

* All rates are approximate and may vary depending on the specific characteristics of each service.

how much digital marketing agency charge

Top SEO Positioning

Different actions are carried out to optimize the website in order to make it appear among the first results of search engines so that it can increase online traffic.

And SEO consultants web positioning experts usually work on both SEO On Page and SEO Off Page, analyze the competition, search for keywords or keywords, monitor results, link building…

Online advertising (PPC or Pay Per Click)

In many cases, SEO positioning strategies are complemented with paid marketing campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads and other similar platforms.

The objective of SEM positioning is the same as that of organic positioning: to attract customers. The difference is that, in these cases, a controlled investment of money is made, since it is advertised content.

The professionals are in charge of configuring the campaign and optimizing it according to the objectives to achieve the highest possible profitability.

Email marketing

The goal of email marketing strategies is to maintain constant communication with customers. For them to be successful, professionals define the objectives, segment the audience or target audience, design the email, plan the shipments and measure the results.

Content marketing

It is important that the web shows valuable content for the target audience. In this sense, it is important to select the topics to be discussed and the keywords well, and write the content in such a way that it is easy to read and entertaining, without forgetting the importance of being optimized to position itself well in search engines.

Professionals are usually in charge of designing a publication calendar, generating the content and analyzing its impact.

The content strategy to attract the attention of the target audience is known as Inbound Marketing.

Top Website creation

Whether you only need a landing page, or if you are trying to create a corporate website or an eCommerce website, it is important to have the services of experts in web design.

Professionals take into account aspects such as usability or structure, in addition to ensuring that it is responsive (adaptable to all types of mobile devices and tablets).

how much digital marketing agency charge

How much does SEO positioning cost?

Many SEO specialists offer service packs from €100 or €500 per month, although it is common to find figures close to €700/per month. And the most advanced services can exceed prices between €800/month and more than €1,000/month.

The necessary investment in this type of service usually depends on whether the website already has some visibility or is starting from scratch and also on other issues, such as the geographical area in which it is intended to position itself (locally, nationally, or internationally).

Keep in mind that achieving results can take some time, so it is usually a long-term investment.

How much does PPC management cost?

Normally, the management of pay-per-click campaigns ranges between €50/month and €350/month, although some agencies may use other rates, such as a certain percentage of the investment made.

The cost of managing this type of content can depend on the number of campaigns, the localization, the number of languages, the campaign duration, the competition, etc.

How much does social media management cost?

It is possible to find prices for the creation of professional or company profiles from €50 or €90. At the same time, the management of social networks for a business can cost approximately €100/month to more than €2,000/month, although it is common to find rates from €300/month.

The price of these services may vary depending on the number of social profiles you want to work on or manage, among other issues.

how do marketing agencies make money

What factors influence digital marketing fees?

The parameters that most often influence the prices of digital marketing services are:

  • Type of project or contracted services: Although requesting more complete global plans and digital marketing strategies is possible, the same services and costs will not always be included. It can vary depending on what each client needs.

  • Type of client: The services of digital marketing agencies can be requested by entrepreneurs, self-employed people, and small, medium, and large companies. Not all types of business models require the same work methodology, and therefore, it is something that can influence the price. In addition, the sector in which the activity takes place can also be decisive when discussing digital marketing rates.

  • Marketing or freelance agency: In addition to the services of digital marketing agencies, it is possible to have freelance professionals for specific services.

The cost of each of these options is usually different since the type of service has different characteristics: marketing agencies usually include professionals with multidisciplinary profiles to offer more global or complete services, while freelance professionals are usually more limited, although they offer more personalized treatment.

The conclusion:

What can be drawn from all this is that digital marketing prices are usually quite personalized since they are adapted to each client and situation. Therefore, the key to getting a good price is often to compare several quotes before choosing.

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