10 ways to get guerilla SEO positioning in 2024

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This incredible team always helps us complete topics that I present and / or help give a different point of view. In one of my first posts it was specifically Johan de Bruin who contributed some additional ideas that he wants to attach to complete my list.

1.-Publish content with recent news and / or events:

Google gives a high weight to current news if there is a strong search volume behind it. Even very young blogs and websites can suddenly get a lot of hits this way.

2.-Publish posts on other well-positioned blogs or media.

Loogic is a blog that you do frequently. If you can contribute valuable content, many blogs or media will be happy to publish it.

3.-Launch press releases.

I am aware that it is not easy for important websites to release your press release. Gloria Smith, recently published a post on the subject: 5 tips to write an killer press release.

4.-Position keywords through Twitter.

If you are interested in how to do it, I recommend reading the entry where I deal with the subject in more detail: how to get a guerrilla SEO positioning with Twitter.

5.-Register with your blog in Google News.

To position yourself in Google news, I recommend reading the post SEO Optimization for Google News.

10 ways to get guerilla SEO positioning in Helsinki

6.-Upload presentations to slideshare.net.

To position through slideshare (positioning through third parties) you have to put the relevant keywords for you in the title. Do not go overboard either so that later something like “free trips Lapland” does not come out … 😉.

7.-Upload videos to YouTube.

What works on slideshare also works on YouTube. Apart from that, on YouTube you will get more traffic through the internal video search if you choose your keywords well.

8.-Go to Google local and maps.

I recommend reading 7 Insane Tips to Position yourself in Google Local as a Ninja  to obtain more detailed information.

9.-Label your images well to receive traffic from wasted niches.

I know that there are people who give little value to this type of traffic and even block it. It depends a lot on what you offer on your websites. If you are photographers, it is still good for you … 😉.

10.-Post frequently.

Even if you can never rank with your keywords in the top 10 results, you can receive traffic if you post frequently on your blog using the important keywords at the bottom “Blog posts about …” 

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