How to find marketing Agency in Helsinki, Finland in 2024

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If you have come this far, it is because you are looking for information and references about the best digital marketing agency or the best agencies in an online marketing service, such as SEM, SEO, advertising on social networks, or social media management.

In this post, you will NOT find one more ranking of the best agencies in Finland. Of that, there are already many articles on the net.

We want to tell you why Wolf Team is the best digital marketing agency you can find. Yes, it is a self-promotion post. But furthermore, I want to justify the why and give you some criteria to assess a good agency.

Our clients tell you why we are the best agency.

With the close of the first half of the past year, we have launched a survey to our clients. In it, we asked multiple factors with the idea of obtaining information and polishing everything that could be improved to provide a good service. For us, the customer’s opinion comes first, along with the results.

In this survey, the following are the key criteria that we took into account for considering the best marketing agency, which is nothing but proximity, trust, transparency, search for solutions, support, speed, flexibility, involvement, etc.

If you still do not know us, our reason is to improve the service of digital marketing agencies and become part of the company, as if it were the marketing department itself.

We also assess other criteria, such as technical knowledge, equipment, monitoring, or reports.




Factors to choose the best digital marketing agency.

It seems to us that a good way of evaluating the services was given a grade from 1 to 5, with 1 being not very satisfied and 5 being very satisfied.

  • Closeness: 95.6% of the answers above 4.
  • Confidence: 100% above 4.
  • Transparency: 95.6% above 4.
  • Technical knowledge: 100% above 4.
  • Search for solutions: 91.3% above 4.
  • Support: 91.3% above 4.
  • Team / Managers: 95.6% in satisfaction above 4.
  • Speed: 74% above 4.
  • Results: 79% above 4. 21.7% in 3, I suppose it can always be improved, right?

Involvement: 100% above 4.

Overall assessment as a digital marketing agency.

Of course, we also launch a general assessment as an agency.

What is valued in a digital marketing agency?

In the open-ended part, what is the most valued thing about Wolf Team? We leave you some examples:

  • The result
  • Closeness
  • Different services
  • Performance marketing experience
  • Closeness and trust
  • The closeness
  • Proposal for solutions and speed
  • Closeness and goodwill
  • Professionalism, close treatment and problem-solving

Are there points to improve? Of course! We have learned that we must make a greater volume of proposals once working, new channels, and actions to continue improving.

We have also been “scolded” several times because our marketing is not as good as what we give our customers.

Best SEM and PPC Agency?

Within our areas of expertise, paid media campaigns are a very important area. In this sense, we have recently come out in the ranking of the best SEM agencies.

In this article, we are valued by our managed investment, customers, or certified Google optimizers. In the same way, they take into account the distribution of the investment in Google Ads:

  • 75% of SEM investment in Search
  • 9% SEM investment in Display
  • 11% of SEM investment in Shopping
  • 5% SEM investment in Video

Beyond this anecdote, we are partners of Google and Agency Champions of LinkedIn.

As part of your team, we seek profitability, which is reflected in numbers. We would be happy to share anonymous and average numbers of ROAS, ROI, CPAs, or CPLs if we talk.

How to find marketing Agency in Helsinki, Finland.

How to identify a professional digital marketing agency (SEM, SEO …)

Complete briefing.

The best digital marketing agency should ask you for details on the first call or meeting. Information is the main part of the process and strategy. An agency that makes strategies or campaigns like Hot Cakes, without personalizing, asking who the target is, what is the average ticket or the best-selling products… Bad business!

Closeness, trust, and good vibes in the first contact

We recently read a phrase that said, “work with the one with whom you could go have a beer later.” Okay, it doesn’t have to be that way, but if you work with an agency, you will have many relationships with it and its team. Thus, choose well. 

Do you want to deal with stubborn people every day? With people who do not accept their mistakes or constantly tell you that everything is fine when you know perfectly well that it is not?

Experience and clients

What clients does the agency have? Theoretically, better clients mean a better digital marketing agency. Be careful; there is a point where the brand or reputation of the agency is no longer directly proportional, and the agency’s brand or reputation comes into play, as well as how easy it is for commercials to play golf with corporate bigwigs or invite copious dinners. But hey, it can be a factor to assess…


Flees. If you see this in a contract … Run away! You are not in front of one of the best digital marketing agencies. This is common in SEM agencies that stuff themselves with clients and then neglect them.

Great promises and clarity

A quality agency must be realistic and know that things can and may not work. If they promise you gold before starting work, watch out.

Reviews and Recommendation

As in all areas, nothing is more powerful than the recommendation of a friend or acquaintance with knowledge in the sector. You have it done if you can be lucky enough to be recommended to the best SEM, SEO, or social media advertising agency. If not, you can always look at the Google reviews and see how well they are rated.


If I have not managed to make you consider us the best digital marketing agency or the best agency in Helsinki, I hope at least I have helped you know how to choose wisely … Or at least make you get the bug of being able to contact us.

Choosing a digital marketing agency or one specialized in SEO, SEM, or Social Networks is complicated, and the stakes are high. Make the decision patiently.

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  1. Before reading this post I did no know any information about your company. Now I am sure Wolf Team is a really good digital marketing agency and I wish you much success.


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